Prototype PCBs

Prototype PCBs

Prototypes of PCBs are created before the full-volume production because if a new PCB fails to perform then it may affect the credibility of the electronic device. In such a situation, prototyping can save huge costs as well as productive time.  

Prototyping is a process of creating functional or non-functional replicas of actual products. Rapid PCB prototyping is a common function in the electronics industry where manufacturers compete to take advantage of improved time-to-market. As a leading prototype PCB manufacturer, Sierra Assembly provides quality rapid PCB prototyping services, which has helped several manufacturers to improve their time-to-market and build a strong market reputation. All prototyping is performed in-house at our well-equipped facility, so, you can be assured of the quality and timelines.

What is Rapid PCB Prototyping?

Rapid PCB prototyping is an iterative method of trying and testing different PCB designs. In this process, a digital or physical replica of the functional prototype is created. However, in order to achieve high-performance efficiency and create compact PCB designs, multiple design iterations are done. We offer digital prototypes as a part of our PCB prototyping services. These prototypes are created using computer-aided drawing (CAD) techniques. If the physical performance of the PCB is to be tested, we opt for physical PCB prototyping.

Under the PCB prototyping services, we perform the following activities.

  • PCB design iterations by following design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA)
  • Conceptualizing PCB assemblies to simplify the assembly process
  • Experimenting with component layouts
  • Iterations for compact yet functionally advanced designs

By performing these activities, we add value to our rapid PCB prototyping services.

Benefits of Our Rapid PCB Prototyping over PCB Standard Production

Owing to the following benefits, our rapid PCB prototyping services are superior to standard PCB manufacturing.

  1. Flexibility of Custom Designing: The quick-turn PCB prototypes play an important role when it comes to custom designing PCBs. During customization, our PCB designers consider several design concepts and iterations, and then manufacturing rapid PCB prototypes helps us to test the functionality and efficiency of each design.
  2. Reduction in Turn-Around Time: The PCB prototypes overrule the complexity of PCB component placement, assembly, and packaging. Therefore, the actual PCB assembly consumes less time than the standard PCB production. The prototypes are helpful in reducing errors in final products, therefore, the time for design revision and reassembly is nullified from the overall turn-around time.
  3. Error-Rectification: We focus on error-rectification during the manufacturing of quick-turn PCB prototypes. By performing error rectification at the PCB prototyping stage, we reduce the chances of product failure at the final stage. This helps in reducing material and production losses in the PCB manufacturing cycle.
  4. Simplified Testing and Analysis Cycle: Due to early-stage error-rectification, the testing and analysis of PCBs get simplified. During prototyping, we focus on reducing the need for intense analysis and functional testing, therefore, the simplified testing and analysis cycle becomes a benefit of our PCB prototyping service over standard PCB production.

As a prominent prototype PCB manufacturer, we ensure that our customers benefit from our rapid PCB prototyping services. That is why we pay attention to reducing turn-around time, increasing design efficiency, and enhancing PCB functionality via PCB prototyping.

Why Choose Us for Rapid PCB Prototyping Services

Sierra Assembly is an ideal prototype PCB manufacturer for the following reasons.

  • Online Quote Calculator: We offer an online PCB assembly quote calculator, which gives you an idea of the costs associated with our customized PCB prototyping and PCB manufacturing services. This way, we offer transparency to our services and service charges.
  • Quality Components/Parts Procurement: We stock high-quality components to ensure the quality of prototypes. We are dedicated to the quality of PCB prototypes and therefore we indulge in quality parts procurement and effective inventory management.
  • In-house PCB Prototyping: Regardless of the type of PCB prototype, digital or physical, we can manufacture them at our facility. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and engineering expertise enable us to produce the best quality prototypes.
  • Experienced Staff: We have been working as a prototype PCB manufacturer for over 30 years. Our staff certainly is highly experienced and holds good hands-on practice over PCB design and prototyping.

In case of any queries about our PCB prototyping services, please contact our team. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

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