PCB Functional Testing

PCB Functional Testing

Sierra Assembly is very particular about quality, and hence carries out a range of tests and inspections including functional testing on PCBs and PCB assemblies.  

Quality is a prerequisite for any electronics product, and hence there are various testing procedures, which help identify defects and contribute to continual improvement of products and processes. This rule applies to PCBs as well, and more so because they are an integral part of many electromechanical devices and are crucial to their functioning. Functional testing is carried out to detect defects in PCB assemblies, and is one of the final steps in their manufacturing processes. It helps the manufacturer make a decision whether to go ahead with the PCBs or not. Sierra Assembly is very particular about quality, and hence carries out a range of tests and inspections including functional testing on PCBs and PCB assemblies. We have an expertise in making various types of PCBs, and offer end-to-end solutions in PCB assemblies required across sectors ranging from medical and automotive to defense, telecom, and more.

PCB Functional Testing Capabilities at Sierra

As mentioned, PCB functional testing (FCT) is performed on assembled PCBs in the final stages before they are dispatched for shipping. So, this test is crucial in terms of quality control and achieving zero defects. In FCT, each individual component is tested after it is soldered to the PCB. The whole concept is that if it is designed correctly, it will function properly. However, functional testing goes beyond this, and focuses more on the functionality rather than the individual components. Sierra Assembly understands the importance of functional testing with more complex and miniature PCBs being used in devices. Here are a few pointers on PCB functional testing at Sierra:
  • This testing gives you a comprehensive view of the product as a whole.
  • There’s a functional testing software such as firmware that is run through the components and the board. This is the resemblance with ICT.
  • Beyond this, FCT software sends a command to the device to check the functionality of the PCB assembly.
  • Various testers and probes are used in functional testing.
  • The testing probes and tools include communication ports, digital multimeters, and so on
  • Tester is connected to the PCB through a probe point.
  • The tester simulates the electrical environment of the PCB, which means if the PCB is going to be fitted inside a wearable device, then that particular environment would be simulated.
  • This way, it detects issues in the design or functionality if any, and helps prevent shipping flawed PCBs.

Benefits of PCB Assembly Functional Testing

At Sierra Assembly, we offer pcb functional testing based on your requirements and at affordable prices. Aside this, there are many advantages that PCB functional testing offers:
  • It helps detect missing or faulty components.
  • If there is any fault detected in the PCB, a request is raised to do a root cause analysis.
  • After the analysis and the fixes are done, the whole process is documented, which serves as a guideline for further improvement in quality.
  • Our extremely experienced and qualified team is technically sound, and this adds to the accuracy of our functional testing.
  • Our PCBs comply with IPC-CC-830B, as well as ISO 9001:2015+ AS9100D, ISO 13485, IPC-WHMA-A-620, and SBA standards. These certifications speak volumes about our quality.
Sierra Assembly has more than 30 years of experience in handling PCB assembling and testing requirements along with value added services. If you require PCBs, we can meet your requirements at the best prices, and keeping quality as the prime focus. Contact us for more details or request a quote from us or to know about our PCB functional testing capabilities.

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