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How to Get an Instant PCB Assembly Quote Online

A circuit board, which has all the required components mounted on it forms a PCB assembly. Getting your PCB assembly quote depends upon various factors such as the type of PCB assembly, services, quantity of various parts, and so on. Sierra Assembly Technology LLC is a reliable prototype PCB manufacturer and an end-to-end service provider for PCB assembly, manufacturing, and repairs. We allow you to get an instant online estimated cost and quote for complex PCB assemblies using the PCB assembly quote calculator.

PCB Assembly Quote Calculator Steps

So, how do you fill the information to get the PCB assembly online quote? When filling the information, these are a few pointers to know:
  • Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
  • If you do not want certain parts, enter "0" in those text boxes.
Here are the basic steps to get a PCB assembly quote online:
  • Online Quote: The online form has a number of textboxes wherein you fill the requirements appropriately. This is the information we require in each of the below textboxes:
    • Assembly Part Number: Enter the part number, which is mandatory as it will be displayed on your order.
    • Revision Number: This is applicable only if the part number is revised.
    • Assemble Service Order Type: In this, there are three sections Turnkey, Kitted or Consigned, or Combo. In turnkey, we take care of the entire fabrication process to offer you an end-to-end solution. In the kitted or consignment order type, you need to procure the parts and materials required and we will take care of the fabrication process. In the combo order type, you can procure the materials and parts required in case you have them ready in your inventory and we will take care of the remaining parts and the process. Accordingly, you need to fill in the details in the appropriate box.
    • Boards Quantity to be assembled: Here you need to mention the number of PCBs to be assembled.
    • Number of Unique Parts (BOM lines): Here you need to mention the number of parts mentioned in the Bill of Materials, specific to a PCB.
    • Total Number of SMT Parts: Here you need to mention the quantity of parts to be mounted directly on the board surface.
    • Number of Through-Hole Parts: Here you need to mention the number of parts that are inserted into the holes drilled in PCBs.
    • Number of Fine Pitch Parts (< 20 mils): Here you need to mention the number of surface mountable parts with a lead pitch of less than 20 mils.
    • Number of BGA Parts: Here you need to mention the number of ball grid array (BGA) surface mount parts required in integrated circuits.
    • Number of QFN Parts: Here you need to mention the number of Quid Flatpack No lead (QFN) parts, which are connected to other components through solder joints made by applying solder paste on the board.
    • You need to check a yes or no for each of these factors:
      1. Double-sided SMT Assembly
      2. Double-sided Through-Hole
      3. Lead-free Processing (RoHS)
      4. Class III Inspection
      5. ITAR processing
    • Detailed information of assembly: Although this one is not mandatory, you can mention the details of your requirement. It will help us understand the nuances.
    • Lead Time: Here, you need to select the timeframe from the drop box. This will give us an idea of how urgently your requirement needs to be delivered.
  • User Authentication: If you are a registered user, you can login and your credentials would be verified. If not, you can register on our website and get a user id.
  • Review and Submit Quote: After you fill in all the required details, you can quickly go through and click on the Calculate button to get your PCB assembly instant quote and cost estimation..

Advantages of a PCB Assembly Online Quote

We have provided you with a PCBA calculator to get a PCB assembly instant quote. All you need to do is fill the information in the text boxes and click on the calculate button. Here are a few advantages of getting a PCB assembly quote from us:
  • You will instantly receive your PCB assembly quote.
  • The quality of our products and services is just as good.
  • Also, we stick to the deadlines when it comes to deliverables.
  • Even if you do not fill in the exact information, you do get an estimation of PCB assembly cost.
  • Additionally, we are always available to assist you and look forward to build relationships with our customers.
  • Our PCB assembly quote and cost calculator facilitates transparency, and there's no way anyone can mislead you.
  • You can use our quote calculator in case you need a quick budgetary estimate or need PCB assemblies urgently.
  • It helps us as well know what kind of requirements our prospective customers have.
Sierra Assembly has more than 35 years of experience in handling PCB assembling requirements across diverse industries ranging from defense to healthcare. As one of the leading prototype PCB manufacturers, we offer superior quality products and services at best prices. If you are in need of PCB assemblies, get a PCB assembly instant quote by filling up the form on our website. Aside this, if you have any queries or niche requirements, feel free to contact us at the earliest.