Why Controlled Impedance Matters in High-Speed PCB Design

Nov 19,2023
Impedance control means making sure the size and position of the lines on a circuit board match the material it's made from. This helps keep the power of the signal on the lines just right, so it works the way it should.
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What is PCB Solder Mask and How it Applied?

Nov 08,2023
Solder mask on a circuit board like a protective shield or coating that helps prevent electrical components from getting too close to each other.
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Inside PCB Layers: Materials, and Selection Criteria

Oct 30,2023
PCB layers serve different functions within the PCB, including conducting electrical signals, providing power, and insulating components from each other.
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Harnessing the Power of Heat Sinks for PCB Temperature Control

Oct 25,2023
Electronic components, much like humans, have their comfort zones when it comes to temperature. Electronic components have a temperature range where they feel most comfortable and function optimally.
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How Flexible Printed Circuits Are Shaping the Future of Smart Clothing

Sep 21,2023
A Flexible Printed Circuit Board (Flex PCB), also known as a flexible circuit or flex circuit, is a type of printed circuit board (PCB) that offers flexibility in its design and shape, allowing it to bend or conform to various three-dimensional shapes.
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Why PCB Enclosure Design Matters to Ensuring Electronics Protection

Sep 11,2023
PCB enclosures are integral components of electronic systems, providing protection, organization, and functionality. Here are steps and considerations to guide you in designing the appropriate PCB enclosure.
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Why Navigating Signal Integrity is Key Fundamentals in Circuit Board

Sep 08,2023
Signal integrity in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design refers to the quality and reliability of electrical signals as they travel through traces, components, and interconnections on a circuit board.
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What is Common PCB Failure Modes and How to Avoid Them

Aug 03,2023
PCBs are at the heart of the modern technological landscape, powering electronic devices and systems that have become indispensable in our daily lives.
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