Types of PCB Inspection and Factors Inspected Discussed

Dec 05,2022
The printed circuit board assembly process is fully automated and usually performed by experts. Although every step is carefully planned, errors may still be introduced during the assembly process. This is why the PCB assemblies are inspected carefully before shipping to the customer.
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What Are Top Causes of Warpage in PCB Assembly Process & Why Their Prevention Measures Needed!

Nov 16,2022
A warpage in PCB assembly or warping is a bent that occurs due to unbearable stress on a printed circuit board. This affects the overall functioning of a PCB by impacting the quality of paste printing and solder joints.
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Silkscreen: Why it is the most important final touch on a PCB Assembly?

Oct 31,2022
It is crucial to add the details and directions on a printed circuit board that's why Silkscreen printing is use to ease PCB Assembly.
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Know About PCB Assembly Equipment

Sep 22,2022
PCB assembly equipment involves a lot of hardware such as machines for picking and placing components, soldering, testing, and more.
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Digital PCB Assembly Discussed in Detail

Aug 10,2022
A digital PCB assembly is formed using digital processes and requires additional design considerations. These PCB assemblies are used in devices that are operated at high-speed and require high computational power.
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Automated PCB Assembly Discussed at Length

Jul 18,2022
An automated PCB assembly is basically the assembling of boards using automated machines and processes which require minimal human intervention. This comprises component mounting, solder joints, wiring, and so on. There are many benefits of automation in PCB manufacturing. This post discusses the processes and benefits of an automated PCB assembly.
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How Important is to Associate with a Prominent Manufacturer to Assemble PCBs for Bluetooth Headsets?

Jun 06,2022
Bluetooth headsets are wireless headsets that are used for communication and entertainment. As compared to the traditional wired headset, bluetooth headset is popular because of the convenience it offers to users. Although bluetooth headset is convenient, it needs to have a good PCB assembly for its proper functioning and high quality sound.
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Manual or Automated PCB Assembly: Which One to Choose?

Mar 30,2022
Automated assembly is better for complex boards, while manual assembly is better for simple boards. Would you like to know more about these two assembly techniques? If yes, then continue reading the post.
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