5G and PCB Manufacturing – Manufacturing Challenges and Impending Technologies Discussed

Oct 10,2019
Although PCB manufacturers have already started investing in production processes and manufacturing systems that assure them quality products, there are several challenges to be addressed. What are the top challenges faced by PCB manufacturers eyeing 5G applications? What are the different 5G ready technologies utilized by these manufacturers to overcome these challenges? Read the post to know more.
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Design Techniques to Enhance the Speed of Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Sep 05,2019
If you are a PCB designer who is working on a high-speed PCBA project for the very first time, then you need to be aware of the design techniques as listed in this post.
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How to Fill Online Quote Form to Get a PCB Assembly Cost Breakdown?

Aug 19,2019
Price, quality, delivery time and service, these are the four primary things the customers check in their PCB assembly manufacturers. Amongst all these criteria, the most important thing the customers usually concern about is “how much the PCB assembly project will cost”. Although most of the manufacturers claim that they guarantee unfailing products, quick turn delivery, unsurpassed service, the customer makes a final call based on the price they quote.
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The Importance of Opting for Biodegradable PCBs

Jul 08,2019
According to several studies, the PCBs in the boards largely contribute to the release of toxic substances to the environments such as mercury, cadmium and lead, among others. Considering this, todays’ PCB manufacturers strive to assemble and manufacture boards that are biodegradable. How are these biodegradable PCBs made and how would they contribute to environmental sustainability? Read on the post to know more!
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What are the Common PCB Issues and How to Prevent Them?

Jun 03,2019
Would you like to know about six common PCB manufacturing errors? Or how to prevent these fabrication errors? This post will answer these questions in detail.
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Everything You Need to Know About Ball Grid Array Technologies

May 06,2019
With the technological advancement, the demand for thinner and lighter electronics products have increased. Thanks to various chip packaging technologies, the miniaturization of devices have become possible. Ball Grid Array (BGA) is one such technology that has gained popularity owing to several miniaturization advantages that it offers.
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What is the Importance of BOM in PCB Assembly

Apr 23,2019
A proper bill of materials for a PCB assembly enables you to know the exact components and materials required along with their brand, quantity, dimensions, and other details. Typically, in case of a PCB assembly, the BOM comprises the list of wires, boards, surface mount components, and circuitry requirements among others. This post discusses the significance of BOM for a PCB assembly and other related factors.
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Flexible and HDI PCBs – Why they are integral to IoT Devices

Apr 12,2019
The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for a while and is gaining more prominence with time. According to Gartner, by 2020, more than 26 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. Many of these devices will require unique PCBs for operation. For instance, a wearable device such as a fitness tracker may require a PCB with a dense component placement to resist regular flexing and dynamic stress. Considering all these factors, PCB manufacturers are responding to specific demands by designing HDI PCBs and flexible PCBs. Do you want to know how these PCBs are driving IoT devices? Stay tuned to know more.
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