How Important is to Associate with a Prominent Manufacturer to Assemble PCBs for Bluetooth Headsets?

Jun 06,2022
Bluetooth headsets are wireless headsets that are used for communication and entertainment. As compared to the traditional wired headset, bluetooth headset is popular because of the convenience it offers to users. Although bluetooth headset is convenient, it needs to have a good PCB assembly for its proper functioning and high quality sound.
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Manual or Automated PCB Assembly: Which One to Choose?

Mar 30,2022
Automated assembly is better for complex boards, while manual assembly is better for simple boards. Would you like to know more about these two assembly techniques? If yes, then continue reading the post.
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New Product Designs Evolving Due to Component Shortage

Mar 23,2022
Extended lead times and delays in order fulfillment have been critical concerns for electronic manufacturers for a few years now. These delays have been induced by component shortage on a global level. To mitigate these delays, product engineers in the electronics industry are exploring new designs.
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Gerber Files and Their Generation for PCB Design Discussed

Oct 01,2021
Gerber files are one of the many formats used during PCB design. These Gerber files are used for documenting every aspect of PCB design. Each PCB is designed to specifications and therefore the specifications are documented for precise PCB manufacturing and future references. In general terms, the Gerber files act as blueprints of the PCB design. However, to use these files, one must know how to generate them.
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How to Prepare BOM for PCB Assembly?

Sep 14,2021
An appropriate bill of materials for a PCB assembly allows you to know the exact quantities and part numbers, and brand names of raw materials and several components required, and other important details. When it comes to PCB assembly, BOM includes a list of components, wires, boards, and circuitry requirements. Now you may ask, how to prepare BOM in the right way. This post answers the same.
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What Are the Popular Types of Surface Mount Device Packages?

Aug 04,2021
The surface mount components or devices come in a variety of packages. They are typically made in standardized specifications to simplify PCB assembly using automated equipment. Are you intrigued to know what different types of surface mount packages are? If yes, this post aims to educate you on the same.
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A Guide for Selecting a Correct PCB Assembly Partner

Jul 14,2021
How do you choose a correct PCB assembly partner? This post guides you through all those factors you must consider while selecting a PCB assembly partner for your next project.
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Seven Key Benefits of Surface Mount Technology Discussed

Feb 03,2021
Owing to a wide range of benefits offered by surface mount technology, it quickly overtook the through-hole technology of PCB assembly in significant areas. Do you know what benefits make SMT stand out? If not then this post is for you. This post discusses seven key benefits of SMT that makes this technology a standard adoption in PCB assembly.
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