Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have become a popular lighting choice across the world, owing to their several advantages. These include low power consumption, high energy efficiency, long lifespan, compact designs, and low environmental impact. LED with a chip is soldered onto a PCB, and the chip lightens up when it is connected electrically. Being a leading LED PCB manufacturer in the US, Sierra Assembly Technology, Inc. assures the fastest turnaround times on all LED PCBs.

Sierra Assembly’s LED PCB Capabilities

As one of the most experienced LED PCB manufacturer, we have helped clients materialize complex designs into reality. The following capabilities have allowed us serve them better:
  • Board Types: Rigid, flexible, and rigid flexible
  • Panelized PCBs: Tab routed, breakaway tabs, V-scored, routed+ V scored
  • PCB Finish: SMOBC/HASL, electrolytic gold, electroless gold, electroless silver, immersion gold, immersion tin, and OSP
  • PCB Cores: FR-4, Epoxies, and aluminum laminated with copper
  • Circuit Layer: Typical 1.4Mil (.0014")
  • Dielectric Thickness: .003"
  • Dielectric Thermal Conductivity: 1-30 W/mk
  • Base Plate - Cu or AI: 0.057 "

Benefits of LED PCBs

Today, the LED PCBs are commonly preferred for lighting applications owing to several benefits they offer. The following key features of these PCBs have contributed to their easy acceptance across various industries.
  • As in most LED PCBs, the LED’s are integrated into the PCB membrane switch designs, thereby forming LED membrane switches. These LED membrane switches are thin, lightweight, and help reduce the size of the complex printed circuit boards or switch interfaces.
  • The LED membrane switches offer lots of design freedom, which makes them a suited choice for designing complex switch interfaces.
  • These PCBs are widely used in the consumer and industrial applications owing to their low power and voltage consumption.
  • Most LED PCBs are made of aluminum, which is capable of high thermal heat transfer. This helps prevent the circuit from getting damaged due to high heat.
  • The metal aluminum used in the PCB is lightweight, recyclable, durable, and non-toxic, which helps users minimize their carbon footprint.

Applications of LED PCBs

At Sierra Assembly, we provide innovative LED PCBs for applications across the following industries:
  • Computer: Most computers are equipped with LED displays and indicators. Heat management is a big issue in these devices. This is where we help them by providing aluminum-based PCBs. In addition to the displays, we also support our clients by delivering circuit boards for CPU boards and power devices of the computer.
  • Medical: Advanced medical equipment used in surgeries are equipped with LED lights Again these lights feature aluminum PCBs, which have excellent heat transfer capabilities. Over the years, we have also delivered LED PCBs to be used in special scanning tools, as well as lighting tools.
  • Telecommunications: Nowadays, telecommunication equipment are equipped with LED displays. We have been serving our clients in the said industry by providing performance-oriented LED PCBs, with brilliant heat transferring capabilities.
  • Automotive: This is one industry that makes the best use of LED PCBs. We regularly design PCBs for use in brake lights, headlights, and other automotive parts.
In addition to the above-discussed industries, we also design LED PCBs for the following:
  • Street Lighting
  • Flashlight and Camping Accessories
  • Traffic and Signal Lighting
  • Highway Tunnel Lighting
  • Elevator Lighting
  • Power Converters
  • Concealed and Decorative Lights
At Sierra Assembly, we value customer requirements over anything else. Our team personally interacts with customers to understand their requirements. They are involved in every phase of PCB design right from the conceptualization to designing to manufacturing and delivery. The passion towards PCB’s and their underlying technologies, and vast experience across various industries has elevated us to the position of the most trusted LED PCB manufacturer in the US.

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