PCB Assembly X-ray Inspection

X-ray Inspection

We take immense pride at our unmatched X-ray inspection capabilities that enable us provide defect-free printed circuit boards to the customers.  

Testing and inspection of PCBs is important to ensure their accuracy and performance in various applications. At Sierra Assembly Technology, our team has been striving to provide the customers with high quality PCBs that perform reliably in demanding applications across industries. To assure such optimum quality, we perform intensive quality check manually and automatically throughout every stage of the assembly and manufacturing. We take immense pride at our unmatched X-ray inspection capabilities that enable us provide defect-free printed circuit boards to the customers. X-ray inspection technology, usually referred to automated X-ray inspection (AXI), is the one that assures quality control of larger volumes of boards. We have with us a good number of PCB assembly x-ray inspection machines that help find several hidden assembly defects.

Why X-ray Inspection is Important for PCBs?

Automated X-ray inspection (AXI) is a technology that uses X-rays as its source rather than visible light. X-ray inspection is important for your boards owing to the following reasons.
  • X-ray inspection helps detect the following errors in PCBs:
    • Lifted lead
    • Missing components
    • Misaligned/misplaced components
    • Open circuits
    • Solder bridges
    • Solder shorts
    • Insufficient solder
    • Solder voids
    • Excess solder
    • Solder quality
    • BGA shots
    • BGA open circuit connections
  • PCB x-ray inspection can detect several more defects even inside or underneath the component that are not visible using ordinary optical inspection equipment.
  • Implementing x-ray inspection also helps to get real-time visual void percentage analysis, whilst also helping produce seamless visual imaging analysis of through-hole fills.
  • PCB x-ray inspection helps detect errors at early stages of production, leading to overall cost efficiency by preventing rework or material wastage.
  • At Sierra Assembly Technology, X-ray inspection for BGAs and CSPs are performed utilizing 2D (Two Dimensional, wherein x-rays are generated at a single point) system and 3D (3 Dimensional, wherein it is capable of generating the images of cross sections).

    X-Ray System we use at Sierra Assembly

    We at Sierra Assembly Technology, utilize the following x-ray inspection systems.
    • Glen Brook RTX-113
      • Vision Systems Scienscope - 19” camera system
      • Microscopes - Vision Engineering - Mantis - Clear view
    At Sierra, we always ensure that the X-ray inspection machines are upgraded to the latest version to achieve the best results when performing the inspection. Having sophisticated and advanced equipment won’t just do the job, right? There must be people who are skilled to manage these processes and analyze the results. At Sierra, we have a highly skilled team of people who are fully devoted to conduct X-ray inspection in its right manner. Would you like to know more of our capabilities when it comes to PCB assembly x-ray inspection? We are here to answer your queries and enlighten you regarding the quality procedures we employ at Sierra that enable us to bring you the finest quality boards on time, every time!

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