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BGA Assembly

Ball Grid Array (BGA) is an important type of surface mount packaging employed in integrated circuit boards. BGAs are mainly used for mounting high performance devices including microprocessors  

Ball Grid Array (BGA) is an important type of surface mount packaging employed in integrated circuit boards. BGAs are mainly used for mounting high performance devices including microprocessors. There are several BGA assembly service providers who offer these packages in different specifications. Sierra Assembly stands tall among them. We have immense experience and expertise in designing Ball Grid Array Assembly (BGA) packages. Equipped with advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment, we can produce high quality BGA circuit boards with excellent yield rates.

BGA Assembly Capabilities of Sierra Assembly

Being one of the most well-known BGA assembly services, we are often referred to clients who are looking for experienced partners to materialize their complex designs. The following capabilities have helped us serve such clients efficiently:

  • Types of Leadless BGAs: We provide assembly for a wide range of leadless parts. We can handle the following types of BGAs and more:
    • Micro Ball Grid Array (µBGA)
    • Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CTBGA)
    • Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CABGA)
    • Very Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CVBGA)
    • Very Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (VFBGA)
    • Land Grid Array (LGA)
    • Chip scale Package (CSP)
    • Wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP)
  • Testing and Inspection: We provide X-ray inspection for several chip packages mentioned above. In addition to this, we provide functional testing and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) services.
  • Passive Footprints: The chip packages are provided in passive footprints such as 0201, 01005, POP, Pressfit, 0603, and 0402.
  • Sizes: The BGA assemblies are available in sizes ranging from 2mm x 3mm/1x1mm to 45mm/50x50mm.
  • Pitch Sizes: We provide BGA assemblies in minimum pitch sizes 0.4mm and placement accuracy +/- 0.03 mm.
  • BGA Assembly and Rework: We can rework on circuit boards up to 36 layers with 65mm squares.

Features of BGA Assembly Services

The following features will help you understand the BGA assembly process at Sierra Assembly:

  • The process starts with the development of thermal profile by our experts as it is one of the most important processes in BGA assembly. We review the BGA datasheet and the PCB files provided by you to create a suitable thermal profile for your BGA assembly.
  • We always keep voids under 25% of the solder ball diameter. This is in adherence to IPC Class II or Class III quality guidelines.
  • Specialized thermal profiles are designed for leaded or lead-free BGAs to prevent higher temperatures or avoid open ball problems.
  • We conduct a detailed Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review to ensure the appropriateness. This includes checking maximum warpage, surface finishes, solder mask clearances, and more.
  • We provide BGA soldering, reballing, and rework services at competitive prices.

Beneficial Features of BGA Assemblies

Over the years, BGA packages have gained immense popularity owing to the following advantages:

  • Reduced Package Sizes: With miniaturization becoming a key trend, BGAs have allowed PCB assembly services like us to fulfill customer demands for miniature devices. These packages allow us to integrate various functions on a chip module by providing several interconnection pins. Leads follow shorter paths, which helps ensure excellent performance at high speeds.
  • Better Thermal Profiles: BGA packages have better thermal profiles than other packages because they have low thermal resistance. This helps the heat produced by integrated circuits to dissipate easily, thereby preventing the chips to heating.
  • Superior Electrical Performance: These packages have shorter leads, which means they have low lead inductances. This low lead inductance ensures excellent electrical performance in high speed circuit boards. Inductance is the property that generates unwanted signal distortion in high-speed electronics applications.

At Sierra Assembly, we value quality and customer satisfaction above anything else. We source the materials from trusted suppliers, and employ only proven manufacturing and assembly technologies, which helps us stay true to our commitment. To receive a quote for BGA assembly order or rework, soldering, or reballing, please contact us at the earliest.

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