Kitted PCB Assembly

Kitted PCB Assembly


A kit is a set of tools, parts, and other materials required to make a specific product. On the same lines, a kitted PCB assembly refer to a set of board materials, components, and so on provided together, which makes the assembling job easy for the PCB assembly service provider. More importantly, it becomes economical for the client or OEM who needs a complete assembly at an affordable price. So, who provides this kit? Kitted PCB assembly services refer to the client or OEM providing the PCB assembly services provider with all required materials in a kit. This is unlike turnkey assembly, wherein the service provider offers end-to-end solutions right from procuring materials.

Sierra Assembly offers kitted PCB assembly services, wherein OEMs have a plenty of choice in terms of PCB materials, substrates, and so on. We provide all the assistance required for you to procure the right materials, and we build that based on our experience. Hence, partnering with us for kitted PCB assembly requirements would benefit you in many ways.

Highlights of Sierra Assembly’s Kitted PCB Assembly Services

At Sierra Assembly, we offer assistance on the Bill of Material if needed, else we simply accept your list. The Bill of Materials (BoM) is an extremely important aspect of a kitted PCB assembly since it has the list of materials, quantities, minimum order quantity, prices, part numbers, estimated completion time, and so much more. After you provide us with the details, we analyze the details such as feasibility, compatibility with your application requirements, component quality, and so on. We can easily offer you a quote based on your kitted PCB assembly requirements. We offer the following features as part of our kitted PCB assembly services

  • PCB Assembly Types: We offer the following kitted PCB assembly types.
    • Surface Mount (SMT)
    • Thru-hole
    • Mixed Technology (SMT/Thru-hole)
    • Single and double sided SMT/PTH
    • Large parts on both sides
    • BGA on both sides
    • We also support new product introduction (NPI) projects.
  • PCBA Testing: We carry out in-house testing using manual as well as automated methods at every stage of PCB assembling. This includes functional testing as well as component mounting, the physical design, and so on. Our facility in California is equipped to handle this.
  • Our Prepping and Kitting Equipment:Our facility has a variety of prepping equipment as well as assembly lines:
    • Ideal Wire Processor
    • GPD CF-8 Component Former
    • PEI OLAMEF TP6 Lead Formation System
    • Hepco 8000-1 Axial Lead Formation System
    • Material Storage with RoHS Compliance Area
    • Hepco-APS 1500-1 Radial Lead Formation System
  • File Formats We Accept: : We offer a variety of boards both RoHS and non-RoHS. We accept the following file formats:
    • Gerber RS-274X, 274D
    • Eagle and AutoCAD’s DXF
    • DWG BOM
    • Pick and Place file

Why Choose Sierra Assembly for Your Kitted PCB Assembly Projects

There are several PCB manufacturers specializing in kitted PCB assembly services. However, Sierra Assembly stands out owing to the following:

  • Assistance in Material Procurement: Technically, in kitted PCB assembly services, the quality of parts is the responsibility of the OEM; however, we ease your job by assisting you to make the right selection. We can help you procure all your parts of the same type own a single part number, thanks to our supply chain and vendor network as well as experience. This saves time and cost that goes in ordering single parts as you plan.
  • Testing procedures: We are very focused on quality and thus implement stringent testing procedures at each stage of the assembly and after completion.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: Our well-equipped facility and the right tools enable us to complete your requirements well before time, and without compromising on the quality or functioning of the PCBs. For simple designs we revert in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Cost Effectiveness: While Kitted PCB assembly is a cost-effective alternative, we go a step further and assure that the parts you list are of a good quality and suitable for your requirement. Also, you can control the part flow and replenish them as needed. This eliminates the need to buy extra stock and store it.
  • Quick Quote: We offer a quick quote based on your BoM. All you need is a detailed BoM, Gerber files, your application requirement sheet, and quantity.

If you are an OEM of electrical, electronic or electromechanical devices, and need assistance with regards to kitted PCB assembly, you can totally rely on us. We have an expertise in offering kitted PCB assembly services. For any further enquiries, do reach us on 909.606.7700 or email your questions or specific requirements at We would be happy to help you.

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