Medical PCB Assembly

The medical industry utilizes several advanced electronics equipment. This equipment is utilized through all phases from diagnosis to recovery. Owing to their dependability, the equipment is fitted with diverse components that assure stability as well as reliable performance. The printed circuit boards are one such component that serve as the power source of important equipment such as diagnostic devices from monitors to pacemakers. At Sierra Assembly, we provide an extensive range of medical PCB assembly services to our clients in the healthcare industry. We understand the criticality of assembly for the medical industry and stay at the top of changing trends in this segment. Our expert professionals and well-equipped facility combined with our adherence to industry standards help us build error-free and quality PCBs to be used in life-saving devices.

Medical PCB Assembly Capabilities of Sierra Assembly

As a PCB assembly service provider for several years, we understand client requirements and various challenges associated with PCB assembly for the medical industry. We believe the following capabilities that we have developed over the years have helped us navigate through these challenges and deliver high-quality medical PCB assembly solutions to our clients.

  • Types of PCBs: We regularly assemble rigid, rigid-flex, and flex PCBs in single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer configurations.
  • Types of PCB Assembly: We perform both – surface mount technology (SMT) and plated through-hole (PTH) assembly. Generally, we recommend our clients to choose surface mount over plated through-hole in many conditions owing to former’s following advantages:
    • SMT enables the design and manufacturing of thinner and smaller PCBs than PTH PCBs.
    • Surface mounting helps reduce the size of components, which overall helps reduce the weight of PCBs.
    • In SMT, the parts are surface mounted on bare boards, and this is performed using auto-calibrated SMT lines. This helps reduce the time taken for drilling as in the PTH boards.
    • This process helps reduce the use of lead in the medical PCB assembly, which is one of the key requirements in many medical applications.
    • The surface mount PCBs are designed to withstand rigorous movements and vibrations that may be encountered during the functioning of several medical equipment.
    • The mounting technique helps squeeze space on the PCB, thus, components can be easily placed on either side of the board.
    • Our SMT expertise enables us to assemble high-density PCBs with ease.
  • Special Process Capabilities: In addition to the above, we have developed the following process capabilities that enable us to retain our position as one of the leading medical PCB assembly providers in the US.
    • IPC compliant bonding work
    • Aluminum and ceramic substrates
    • IPC compliant conformal coating
    • PCBs with tin and flux-less soldering
    • Different types of laminates for high -speed operation
    • Automated temperature control
    • Automated optical inspection

Medical Applications Using Sierra Assembly’s PCBs

We regularly provide medical printed circuit board assemblies for the following applications:

  • Pacemakers
  • EMG Activity systems
  • CT Scanning Systems
  • Heart and Blood Pressure Monitors
  • X-Ray and Tomography Equipment

Why Choose Us as Your Medical PCB Assembly Service Provider

At Sierra Assembly, we are passionate about medical PCB assembly and have been at the forefront of this segment for several years now. We get repeated business from our clients who have been associated with us for more than a decade. In addition to that, we get the most business from referrals suggested by these clients. The following features of our services have been appreciated by our clients.

  • We provide lead-free PCBs, box build assemblies, high-temperature PCBs, and analog and digital PCBs.
  • We understand the stringent size and design requirements of medical PCBs, and have been focused on delivering the same.
  • As a leading medical PCB assembly company, we have implemented stringent quality system regulations. The PCBs are thoroughly inspected through all phases of manufacturing right from design to assembly as well as through labeling, packaging, and storing. This enables us to stay true to our commitment of delivering high-quality medical PCBs.
  • We only work with QMS 400 verified vendors and maintain documentation to ensure the quality of components used for manufacturing.
  • Our printed circuit boards adhere to the regulations of ISO, FDA, and IPC.
  • All PCB assembly and manufacturing are performed in-house at our well-equipped facility at Chino, CA in clean surroundings to avoid contamination. This allows us to assure fast turnaround times and quality.

Customer satisfaction is our priority at Sierra Assembly. We pay attention to every minute aspect of the project. We provide documentation of traceability to our clients in the medical industry, so they can ensure if the PCB assembly meets their application requirements. Being an experienced healthcare printed circuit board assembly service provider, we understand the importance of deadlines and have been very prompt with our deliveries. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us. Our experts would be happy to help you.

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