Aerospace and Satellite

Satellite and Aerospace PCB Assembly

High Performance PCB Assembly for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace and satellite industry requires PCBs that operate efficiently in extreme conditions. Sierra Assembly provides printed circuit boards and pcb assembly with superior design and performance oriented features for aerospace and satellite applications. Our PCBs are made from a wide range of materials and composites for effective performance in the highly demanding aerospace industry.

Sierra Assembly’s Aerospace and Satellite PCB Solution Highlights

Following are the highlights of Sierra Assembly’s PCB assembly solutions for aerospace and satellite industries.
  • PCB assemblies feature aluminum and copper substrata that help circuits perform well in challenging atmosphere conditions.
  • PCBs with aluminum substrate help reduce the influence of heat induced oxidation.
  • In lightweight circuit board designs, aluminum is combined with thermally conductive pre-pregs.

Sierra Assembly’s PCB Service Offerings for Aerospace and Satellite Industry

We provide the following types of PCBs for aerospace and satellite industry.
  • Rigid Construction
  • Flex Construction
  • Combined Construction (Rigid and Flex)
  • Flexible
  • Metal Core Insulated
  • Surface Mount
  • Plated Through-Hole (PTH)
  • Single-Sided Configuration
  • Mixed Technology (SMT and Thru-Hole)

Aerospace and Satellite Industry Applications Using Sierra Assembly’s PCBs

These are many aerospace and satellite industry applications that use Sierra Assembly PCBs:
  • APU ( Auxillary Power Units)
  • Audio Interface Applications
  • Battery Warming
  • Cockpit and Board Instrumentation Control Systems
  • Power Converters
  • Temperature Sensors
  • LED Lighting Systems
  • Radio Communication Systems
  • Control Tower Systems
  • ASRAAM ( Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missiles)
  • AMRAAM ( Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missiles)

Sierra Assembly’s PCB Assmebly Services Advantages

By using our PCBs, our customers can benefit in the following ways-
  • PCBs with Demanding Specifications: We employ state-of-the art equipment and assembly services, test and inspection processes, which allow us to deliver products with demanding specifications.
  • Capabilities: Our expertise and experience in working with different PCB materials, combined with our technical capabilities, allow us to deliver high performance PCBs for aerospace and satellite applications. Some of our technical capabilities include:
    • Auto Calibration of SMT lines
    • Component placement
    • Firmware programming
    • High layer and ultra-dense component counts
  • Quality Standards: Our processes adhere to IPC-A-600F, MIL-STD-105D, and China GB4588 quality standards that allow us to provide high quality PCBs demanding aerospace and satellite industry applications.

At Sierra Assembly, every PCB assembly project starts with an understanding of client’s requirements. We combine our proven PCB assembly  technologies, quality control processes, and vast industrial experience to produce performance-oriented PCBs. If you wish to know more about our PCB assembly and manufacturing services for satellite and aerospace industry, you can email us at ,

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