Wireless PCB Assembly

The wireless communication industry is constantly evolving. This fast-paced industry demands innovative PCB assemblies that can accommodate its challenges, and survive harsh environments. Sierra Assembly provides a comprehensive range of PCB solutions for wireless and communication industry. We can provide critical designs in strict tolerances, and minimum space to guarantee scalability of wireless applications. Our balanced portfolio of electronic solutions, technology, and PCB design solutions have helped us deliver innovative PCB solutions to our wireless industry clients.

Wireless PCB Assembly Capabilities of Sierra Assembly

We believe the following PCB assembly capabilities have made us one of the leading wireless PCB design and assembly services in the United States.

  • PCB Solutions: We can provide the following types of PCB solutions to clients
    • Single and double sided PCB assemblies
    • Rigid, rigid-flex, and flex circuit boards
    • Surface mount technologies
    • RoHS and non-RoHS assemblies up to 20" x 18".
    • Mixed technology PCB solutions
    • Low noise circuits in various RF and Bluetooth frequencies
    • Small footprint components to meet miniature device requirements
  • Other Capabilities: Our clients in the wireless industry, demand us to provide complex designs in shortest turnaround times. The following capabilities have helped us serve them  better
    • Predefined PCB documentation process
    • Multiple automatic electronic assemblies and inspection equipment
    • On-site firmware programming
    • Dedicated program management for New Product Introduction (NPI)
    • Repair and reworking of BGA components

Quality Assurance Systems

Our strict adherence to various quality systems has helped us build a long list of happy and satisfied clients.

  • ITAR Compliant Registered
  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified
  • RoHS compliant and lead-free PCB assembly

Various Wireless Applications Using Sierra Assembly PCB Assemblies

Our state-of-the-art facility and expertise enable us to meet specific requirements of each customer. We supply PCB assemblies to a wide range of wireless applications such as these:

  • Pull-tab equipment and vending systems
  • Data communication equipment like LAN switches, high-end routers, ADSL, etc.
  • Space communication and satellite systems
  • Defense communication systems
  • Wireless communication devices at wireless base stations
  • Wearables
  • Cameras
  • Remote controls
  • Music players

Sierra Assembly is committed to providing high-quality products in the form of innovative printed circuit boards. These circuit boards meet expectations of our clients in the form of durability, longevity, and cost efficiency. If you wish to seek our PCB design and assembly services for wireless applications, please request a quote. Else, you can contact us today to expedite your purchase.

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