Types of PCBs

Types of PCBs


Sierra Assembly is one of the leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards in the US. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities and in-depth knowledge of best manufacturing practices have helped us become one of the most favored PCB assembly and manufacturing companies.

PCB Layers

Most of the PCB types provided by us can be availed in the following formats:

  • Single Sided PCBs: Single Sided PCBs feature one conductive layer, and are ideal for designs demanding low density. We have been delivering single sided PCBs across various industries.
  • Double Sided PCBs: As the name suggests, these PCBs comprise two conductive layers, which enable closer trace routing. These PCBs are ideal for higher technology applications.
  • Multilayered PCBs: These are the printed circuit boards featuring more than two layers. Most multilayer PCBs have three conductive layers, which offer high design flexibility to PCB designers.

Types of Printed Circuit Boards Provided by Sierra Assembly

Rigid PCBs: These PCBs are made from solid substrates that prevent it from twisting. These are one of the most popular types of PCBs manufactured by us. We use only industry-grade materials for PCB development. We can deliver these PCBs in a single layer, double-layer, and multilayer constructions. Check our Rigid PCB capabilities

  • Multilayer PCBs up to 24+ layers
  • Panel Size up to 21ʺx26ʺ
  • Wide range of laminates provided including low loss, high temperature, and lead-free laminates
  • Panel Thickness up to .250ʺ
  • Copper thickness – 8 Oz. inner layer/16 Oz. outer layer
  • Mixed dielectric constructions
  • Metal core or metal backed PCBs

Rigid Flex PCBs: These are hybrid printed circuit boards that feature a combination of both – rigid and flexible materials. Our rigid-flex PCBs are well-known for their weight and space reduction capabilities. Over the years, we have delivered rigid-flex circuit boards in a wide range of technologies, such as multilayer PCBs for various commercial applications to customized PCBs for specific applications. Check our rigid-flex PCB capabilities:

  • 1-24+ layer capabilities
  • Custom surface finishes provided
  • Balanced and unbalanced structures provided
  • UL qualified
  • Epoxy, acrylic, and adhesive less polyamide

Flexible PCBs: A flexible PCB is an arrangement of components and circuits that use various flexible based materials with flexible coverlay. Sometimes, these components and circuits are also assembled without flexible coverlay. These PCBs are popular among our customers because they find them easy to assemble, and are lightweight. The flexible PCBs are also ideal for applications that require flexible material. These circuit boards can be availed in single sided, double sided, and multilayer formats. Check our flexible PCB capabilities:

  • Multilayers up to 20 layers
  • Board size up to 20ʺ x 24 ʺ
  • Board thickness: 0.1mm – 0.8mm
  • Minimum Annular ring: 4Mil
  • Copper weight: 0.5-2.0 Oz
  • Minimum Hole Diameter: 8 Mil
  • Blind and buried vias
  • IPC 6013 Class 2/Class 3
  • RoHS Compliance

High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs: Our advanced PCB technology capabilities have helped us win a recognition as one of the leading HDI PCB manufacturers in the market. These circuit boards have higher wiring densities per area than regular circuit boards. High density interconnects PCBs have finer spaces and lines, higher connection pad density, and smaller vias. HDI PCBs can be easily created from many high-performance materials. Check our HDI PCB capabilities.

  • Any layer HDI
  • 1+N+1
  • I+N+i(i>2)
  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • 1.2/1.2 mil/line space
  • Through Vias from surface to surface
  • Via-in Pad
  • Complex rigid flex HDI PCBs

Metal Core PCBs: These PCBs receive their name from metal bases, which serve as heat dissipaters. Base metals in PCBs are ideal alternatives to the regular CEM3 or FR4 circuit boards. These printed circuit boards have the ability to dissipate heat from the critical components, as well as from other less crucial areas such as metallic core, and metal heatsink backing. The metal core PCB can be made from aluminum (aluminum core PCB), copper (copper core PCB and heavy copper core PCB), and a mixture of several special alloys. The most common type of PCB is aluminum core PCB. Check our Metal Core PCB capabilities.

  • Thickness of Metal cores in base plates: 30 Mil – 125 Mil
  • MCPCB copper foil thickness : 1- 10 Oz
  • Board thickness : 0.8 – 5mm
  • Min tracing/spacing: 4mil/4mil
  • Surface finish: HASL – Hot Air Solder Levelling (HASL), Lead Free HASL – RoHS, & ENIG- Electroless Nickel/ Immersion Gold - RoHS

Mil Spec PCBs: We provide Mil Spec PCBs in MIL-PRF-55110, MIL-PRF-31032, and MIL-PRF-50884 specifications.  We have delivered Mil Spec PCBs in rigid, flex, and rigid flex types. These PCBs are designed to withstand harsh working environments. See our Mil Spec PCB capabilities:

  • 1- 20 layers
  • FR4/ Polyimide Material
  • 0.5-0.6 Oz
  • Hole Aspect Ratio: 12:1
  • Minimum Hole Size: 0.006ʺ
  • Minimum Trace/Space 0.004ʺ/0.004ʺ
  • Final Finish: HASL ( Solder), Lead Free Solder, copper, gold, gold fingers, OSP, white tin

Radio Frequency (RF) PCBS: These printed circuit boards operate in high frequencies above 100 MHz. Sierra Assembly has developed RF PCBs for applications such as smart phones, sensors, security systems, and robotics. The demand for RF PCBs is on rise. We have built a reputation for ourselves as one of the leading RF PCB manufacturers in the US. See our RF PCB Capabilities:

  • RO3006
  • RO4835
  • RO3010
  • RO4000
  • RO4350B
  • XT/Duroid

Burn in Boards: Burn in Process is usually performed on components of the printed circuit board. The components are electrically excited at 125°C to detect failure, as well as ensure their reliable performance. This process is facilitated by using burn-in circuit boards. Sierra Assembly provides one of the most reliable burn-in circuit boards in the USA. Check our burn-in board capabilities:

  • Number of layers : 1-18
  • Board Material: Nelco 4000-13, polymide, BT, 370 HR
  • Board Size: 12ʺx24ʺ, 19ʺx 13ʺ
  • Hole aspect ratio 12:1
  • Controlled impedance tolerance: +/- 10%
  • Minimum trace/space: 0.004ʺ

Lead-Free PCBs: We have been providing a high-quality lead-free PCBs, since last many years. Our printed circuit boards doesn’t contain lead, hexavalent chromium compounds, lead and its compounds, PCDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ether) and PBB (Polybrominated biphenyl) compounds, and mercury. Also, we can provide printed circuit boards in lead-free finishes, such as 370 HR, 370 TURBO, FR406, GETEK, IS410, etc. Box Build Assemblies: We can provide simple and complex box build assemblies to clients. We have a vast experience, equipment, and expertise to meet your requirements.

  • Sub-level Product Assembly
  • Product Assembly
  • Testing including Final, Functional, Burn-in and Environmental Testing
  • System Level Assembly

Custom PCBs: If the printed circuit board requires specific dimensions, then it is ideal to opt for custom PCBs. We can create PCBs that meet your specific requirements. To know more about any of the above mentioned products, or PCB manufacturing capabilities, please feel free to contact us at the earliest.

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