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At Sierra Assembly Technology Inc., we understand that quality is the primary goal of PCB assembly. The higher the product quality, the high its reliability. We work with our clients to ensure that our PCB assemblies comprise creative designs, with the requisite quality, and power to support industrial applications. We are able to accomplish this due to our state-of-the-art facility, which comprises the latest in PCB design and assembly equipment.

A Look at our PCB Assembly Capabilities and Equipment

Our facility includes a variety of workstations, prepping equipment, assembly lines, two production lines, and assorted systems for PTH and SMT processes. The following points list all the equipment that is available in our facility.

Prepping and Kitting Equipment:
  • Ideal Wire Processor
  • GPD CF-8 Component Former
  • PEI OLAMEF TP6 Lead Formation System
  • Hepco 8000-1 Axial Lead Formation System
  • Material Storage with RoHS Compliance Area
  • Hepco-APS 1500-1 Radial Lead Formation System
Production Lines Surface Mount Technologies:
    • Speed line MPM / Ultra flex 3000
    • Screen printer with 2D Camera System, Auto Pin Placement, Auto Wiper, etc.
  • Juki KE760 Pick & Place
    • Laser Alignment & Vision System
    • 7-mil Pitch, BGA, MicroBGA placement
    • Placement at 12500 CPH (Laser centering/effective tact)
    • One Multi-Nozzle laser head plus one high- resolution head
    • From 0201 to 74 mm sq. component placement capability
  • Juki Matric Tray Changer
    • Capable up to 44 different types of QFP, QFN, BGA, CSP, etc.
  • Heller XPM2 with Brush Roller Output
    • Lead-Free Compatible
    • 10 zone air convection reflow including a 3 zone cooling system with nitrogen
  • Juki 2060 Pick & Place
    • 5 Nozzles, 5 Heads
    • Multi-nozzle vision centering
    • Laser Alignment vision Systems
    • Laser Alignment & Vision Systems
    • High Resolution & Standard Cameras
    • Fine Pitch, BGA & Micro BGA placement at 16,000 CPH
Plated Through Whole Technologies
  • IAC TH Assembly Workstation
  • Techmation Assembly Line
Technical Device Wave Solder System (Two machines)
  • Machine with Dancer Wave
  • Lead-free capability and “Quick Change” solder pot
  • Real-time 3-D graphics animation of system and process
  • 3 convection preheaters, 1 infra-red preheater and dual wave capability
  • Skinner Flux Sprayer module with self-contained external fluxer cabinet
  • User-friendly operator interface console with storage for 5000+ unique recipes
Nordson Selective Soldering
  • Max Board Size 406 x 406 mm (16.0 x 16.0 in.)
  • 15 minute setup time
  • High-speed Z-axis motion
  • Atomizing spray flux applicator
  • Heated nitrogen inerting system
  • Standalone platform ideal for prototype, cell manufacturing or batch production
  • Interchangeable solder pots and pumps compatible with tin-lead, lead-free and HMP solder alloys
  • Single selective solder nozzle, dual selective nozzles with independent control or 75 mm wide wave soldering nozzle
Inspection Equipment:
  • Benchtop Automated Optical Inspection-Model:-BX-AOI
  • EVOCAM II Digital Microscope

As a leading circuit board assembly and service provider, to ensure that we can meet clients’ requirements, we conduct repair and maintenance programs regularly to help keep our equipment in optimal performance conditions. This allows us to continually design and assembles industrial grade PCBs and assemblies. All our processes adhere to the regulations of IPC, RoHS, and ISO 9001:2008. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding our equipment or services.

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