Gerber X2: Everything You Wanted to Know

Gerber X2: Everything You Wanted to Know

Sep 10,2015

Ucamco released a new Gerber format called Gerber X2. This version is an improvement on the Gerber RS-274X standard. It is much more advanced in terms of capabilities and output, which is discussed in detail in this blog post.

Things to Know About Gerber X2,

Gerber X2 offers several beneficial features. This upgrade has helped streamline communication in the following ways:

  • The Gerber X2 allows designers to include several critical points of information as mentioned below:
    • Defining stacking of layers
    • Pad and via attributes
    • Tracks with impedance control, and much more

    • The Gerber X2 has backward compatibility with the Gerber RS-274X format. What this means is that if an organization has not adopted the new standard, they can still extract the design specifications in order to produce the PCB. This provides early adopters the flexibility to work with fabricators of their choice irrespective of the Gerber standard they follow.
  • Loss of information has been reduced to a huge extent in the new Gerber format. With critical information being integrated in this file, information cannot be lost or misconstrued. This opens up a world of possibilities. Information can be passed across states and continents. Language is not a hurdle anymore. With emphasis on the design as opposed to other forms of communication, time spent on communicating expectations is drastically reduced. The Gerber X2 has helped PCB designers and fabricators the world over to communicate more effectively. With inclusion of detailed information about the PCB design, the two parties can now transfer information with ease. Since the entire design is traced from the Gerber file, detailed information as seen in the Gerber X2 allows for a more accurate actualization of the design.