Basic Things You Need to Know About Automotive PCBs

Basic Things You Need to Know About Automotive PCBs

May 18,2016

Benefits of Automotive PCBs

By including automotive PCBs in vehicles, customers have gained in terms of improved pollution control, better road performance and fuel efficiency, low power consumption, short development cycles, and strong signal quality. Other advantages include:

  • Design Flexibility: Automotive PCBs are designed to meet complex circuit configurations and harsh working conditions. Thus, they offer endless design options automotive PCBsthan traditional circuit boards.
  • Improved Reliability and Minimized Production Errors: Automotive PCBs help simplify the circuit wiring in automobiles. This eliminates chances of connection failures, and improves device reliability.
  • Low Electronic Noise: PCBs minimize electronic noise, thereby contributing to low electromagnetic interference, low radiation, and low current path lengths.
  • Better Performance in Harsh Environments: Most automotive PCBs are manufactured with materials that provide resistance against vibrations, moisture, extreme temperatures, and corrosion. This enables them to perform in harsh operating environments.

Applications of Automotive PCBs

Following are few regular automobile components with automotive PCBs.

  • Central door locking
  • GPS navigation
  • Blinkers
  • Digital displays
  • Airbag deployment
  • Interior LEDs
  • Anti-theft systems
  • On board radar
  • Timed wiper

The above-mentioned benefits and applications suggest how automotive PCBs are changing the way people ride and control their vehicles. If you are looking customized automotive PCBs or automotive PCB assembly services, it is always better to approach PCB design services California because they offer advanced designs at competitive prices.