A Guide for Selecting a Correct PCB Assembly Partner

A Guide for Selecting a Correct PCB Assembly Partner

Jul 14,2021

Assembling a PCB is a complex process. It takes into consideration of multiple crucial factors. This is why often the PCB assembly services are outsourced. Most OEM’s team with PCB assembly partners to fulfill these requirements. These PCB assembly partners are known as PCB contract manufacturers (CM). Since the quality of PCBs is essential for the efficiency and safety of industrial applications, it is essential to source these services from the best contract manufacturer. Well, how do you choose the best contract manufacturer when there are plenty of them claiming to be the best? How do you choose a correct PCB assembly partner? This post guides you through all those factors you must consider while selecting a PCB assembly partner for your next project.

What Qualities to Look for While Selecting a PCB Assembly Partner?

When it comes to choosing a PCB assembly partner, the first thing you should know is what your application needs are and then check if the contract manufacturer offers those services. However, the following are few qualities you must look for while partnering with a PCB assembly contract manufacturer.

  • Adoption of DFMA: It is essential to choose a PCB assembly partner that adopts design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) techniques such as digital or physical prototyping, design analysis, material analysis, etc. If the PCB contract manufacturer adopts DFMA, the design efficiency of the PCBs increases and the scope-of-failure reduces, which adds value to the overall quality of the PCBs.
  • Adoption of DFT: Since the performance efficiency of PCBs is crucial for industrial applications, the contract manufacturer must design the PCB for testability. Adopting design for testability (DFT) ensures quality and performance because during DFT the PCBs will be tested for functionality, durability, etc.
  • Component Analysis: The quality and performance of components must be analyzed before mounting them on the PCBs. A malfunctioning component can negatively affect the performance of the entire PCB assembly. Therefore, you must choose a PCB assembly partner that analyzes components for performance and quality.
  • Custom PCB Assembly Capabilities: Customization is needed for modern electronics. The demand for PCB assemblies with specific features has increased in the last few years. If you have specific requirements, then you must look for a custom PCB contract manufacturer who can offer multiple options of designs, materials, fabrication techniques, etc.
  • Turn-around Time: If the PCB assembly services are required in short turnaround times, you must go for a service provider that offers quick-turn PCB manufacturing services.
  • Quality Standards: The contract manufacturer you choose must follow high-end industrial quality standards such as ISO, IPC, SBA, etc.

When all the above-mentioned factors are considered, one can partner with the best PCB assembly service provider. Sierra Assembly is one of the most popular PCB assembly partners for small and large electronic OEMs across the US. With a well-equipped facility of GPD CF-8 and RoHS compliant resources, they are capable of offering PCB prototyping, quick-turn custom PCB assembly, testing, and inspection services under one roof. The quality of their services is assured as they follow ISO 9001:2015+AS9100ASD, ISO 13485, J-STD-001, and SBA standards.