10 Fail-safe Ways to Lower Assembly Costs during the Design Phase

10 Fail-safe Ways to Lower Assembly Costs during the Design Phase

Feb 18,2016

In an application, the cost of the printed circuit board has a huge impact on the overall price of the product. Hence, it is important to incorporate any and all steps that help in reducing this expenditure. Listed below are some steps that will allow you to decrease your overall application cost by making simple changes in the PCB design phase. Not only that, these steps will also improve the efficiency of your PCB.

How to Lower PCB Assembly Costs

The following steps can help you in reducing your PCB cost:

  1. Using a good drawing package will help during the assembly stage, as it locates the components on a PCB.
  2. You must use a separate viewer for your Gerber and Excellon files. Avoid using the one provided by the design package.
  3. When choosing the finish for your PCB, consult with your PCB assembly service provider to keep any conflict at bay.
  4. When placing the components on the board, begin with the ones that need to be placed in specific locations.
  5. The ideal space that should be maintained between the PCB edge and components is 100 mil.
  6. Similar components should have the same orientation on the board.
  7. Maintain an even space between all components. Always take the horizontal and vertical space into consideration.
  8. Wherever possible, make sure the components are placed at angles of 0 or 90 degrees.
  9. If you are using a double sided PCB, the primary side should be used for parts that are sensitive, heavy, or critical in nature/ function. This rule should also be used for through-hole components.
  10. Keep trace lengths to a minimum, wherever possible.

A few positive changes made in the design and manufacturing of PCBs can have a lasting impact on the overall cost of the product. These changes have the ability of making your product stand apart from the competition. In case you are in need of printed circuit board design and layout services in California, you can consider contacting a service provider who utilizes these steps and can transfer the monetary advantage to his clients.