Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

Complete PCB Assembly and Testing Services for Complex Applications

At Sierra Assembly, we specialize in designing complex custom printed circuit board assemblies. We are able to provide PCB assemblies for a variety of application industries. These include medical, defense, telecom, wireless, and industrial electronics. We are able to meet diverse requirements thanks to our extensive knowledge, practical and innovative solutions, and the usage of the latest PCB assembly software and machines.

A Look at our Technical Capabilities

At Sierra Assembly, we spare no expense in procuring the latest in PCB assembly equipment. These include a variety of placement machines, repair equipment, reflow and cleaning system, as well as testing and inspection equipment. You can learn more about our technical capabilities by perusing the lists given below.
Technical Equipment:
  • X-ray Laminography
  • Surface Mount Addendum
  • Onsite Firmware Programming
  • Auto Calibration for SMT Lines
  • Largest PCB/Panel Size: 18 x 20ʺ
  • Smallest PCB/Panel Size: 1.2ʺ wide
  • Largest QFP Size: 75 mm x 75 mm
  • Largest BGA Size: 75 mm x 75 mm
  • Component Placement to 7 mil Pitch
  • Smallest Passive Component Size: 0201
  • BGA Pitch Range: From 0.25 mm to 3 mm
  • High Layer and Ultra Dense Component Counts
  • Smallest QFP Pitch Range: From 0.25 mm to 3 mm
  • Bed of Nails (Fixture) ICT test Station: Genrad 2280
  • Smallest Space between Adjacent Components: 0.05ʺ
  • Laser Alignment and Vision Systems for SMT Placement
  • 10 zone Air Convection Reflow System with Nitrogen Atmosphere
  • BGA, uBGA, Ultra-fine Pitch QFP, QFN, CSP, FCP, and 0201 Placement and Repair
  • Component Placement Speeds:
  • Juki: 12,500 per hour
  • Component Placement Accuracy:
  • Juki: +30 μm (3 Sigma)
  • Cable and harness assembly
  • Complete mechanical assembly
  • Single and double-sided assembly
  • PTH, SMT, and mixed technology assembly
  • Rework and repair including BGA and QFP
  • Complex RoHS and non- RoHS PCAs up to 18 x 20ʺ
  • Fixture and fixtureless in circuit and functional testing
  • Conformal coating and potting compliant with IPC-CC-8308
  • No clean flux process and closed loop aqueous cleaning system
If you have any queries about our technical capabilities, or if you wish to know about PCB assembly solutions please contact us via phone on 224.653.4000, or send us an email at

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I approached Sierra after being referred to them from another PCB designer. What impressed me was that they were more than willing to take a complex PCB requirement. The PCB assembly they provided was small, lightweight, but provided the amount of power needed for our computer product. Great experience.

- Susan R – Business Computer Industry

I liked Sierra’s quick turn PCB assembly services. They provided a prototype within a few days, and it worked without a hitch. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the PCB. Their prices are great too.

- Jason G. – Telecom Industry

Sierra Assembly Technology has a great group of people to work with. They are open to almost any request and always get the job done quickly. I’ve been in some tight spots before and needed certain products within a small time window, and Sierra has always been reliable.”

- Richard S. – LED Lighting Manufacturer

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