5 PCB Manufacturing Trends and Their Challenges

December 13, 2017 With new and improved technologies, the field of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing has been constantly evolving. The electronics industry is driven by innovations and better manufacturing methods that are growing in popularity. Improved technologies also demand the manufacturers to pay attention to the cost factors as well. In such a scenario, they have to
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A Discussion on Various PCB Testing Techniques

November 20, 2017 In the previous post, various popular PCB inspection techniques were discussed. PCB testing is the next phase of the PCB manufacturing, after PCB inspection. Once the PCB undergoes inspection, it is considered ready for testing. There are various testing methods used by PCB manufacturers to analyze the working condition of components. What are they? The
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A Discussion on Various PCB Inspection Techniques

November 13, 2017 Today, PCBs are employed for diverse electronic applications. Within this diverse array of applications, one requirement remains the same throughout – PCBs shall be free from any failures or errors. In many PCB-driven applications, which are used in medical, military and defense, lives of people working with them are at stake. Hence, it is important
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5 Common PCB Design Mistakes to Avoid

September 26, 2017 Advanced manufacturing techniques and innovative design tools have enabled Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) manufacturers to bring down the cost of PCBs in the past years. Many times, the cost of production increases due to errors in the PCB design. Hence, it is very important for PCB designers to avoid such fabrication errors, while designing PCBs.
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How Advancement in PCB is Driving Industrial & Instrumentation Automation?

August 22, 2017 Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are designed to connect various electronic components using conductive pathways or traces. These traces are cut from copper sheets, which are laminated on a non-conductive substrate. Today,many industrial and commercial applications are PCB-driven. Are you eager to know what are they? Read this post to know the significance of PCBs in
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Essential Elements of Custom Cable Assemblies

July 28, 2017 Cable assemblies are the key components in any electrical circuit. However, it is one of the most overlooked components as well. If you plan to design cable assemblies for your upcoming project, there are certain considerations to be made. This post discusses 9 such upfront factors that need your attention while building custom cable assemblies.
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Conformal Coating – What Do You Know About It?

June 27, 2017 Printed circuit boards (PCBs) often get damaged because of dust, salt spray, contamination, fungus, corrosion caused due to harsh environments, and moisture. Thus, in order to protect PCBs from getting damaged, a protective dielectric layer, called conformal coating is applied over them. This coating is of great help when products are to be used in
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HDI PCBs are Gaining Popularity, Know Why

May 31, 2017 High Density Interconnect (HDI) are integral elements of advanced electronics. They are referred by a variety of names, such as Microvia Process (MVP), Sequence Build Up (SBU), and Build Up Multilayer Boards (BUM). These PCBs are loaded with technical characteristics, which make them ideal for today’s devices demanding excellent performance, and lightweight designs. This post
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Why is Outsourcing PCB Surface Mount Manufacturing Services Considered to be Beneficial?

May 22, 2017 Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is one of the most widely used technologies for manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). With the advent of the SMT technology, businesses have started outsourcing the PCB assembly to expert manufacturers. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can reap numerous benefits of SMT PCB assembly services. Now, the question hitting your mind must
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Stripping and Etching Process of PCB

April 28, 2017 Most of us must have heard about the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design process. But very few are aware about the details. This post will put some light upon various stages in the PCB design process, but will focus more on the stripping and etching process of a PCB. PCB Design and Manufacturing Process As
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Sierra Assembly Technology has a great group of people to work with. They are open to almost any request and always get the job done quickly. I’ve been in some tight spots before and needed certain products within a small time window, and Sierra has always been reliable.”

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