Burn-in Boards

The printed circuit boards have become advanced, due to several developments in their manufacturing techniques. But this is not all. To make the boards and the components placed on them capable of performing even in critical conditions, they are subjected to several tests, and inspections. This not only helps remove the defects at an earlier stage, but also improve the overall performance of the components on the boards.

Different types of stress tests are being implemented today, to check the performance of components. The burn-in test is one such test, in which the components are stressed, and their performance is tracked. Failures are detected and then resolved. So, a burn-in board is a printed circuit board, which is specially designed to be capable of withstanding the burn-in process. There are several manufacturers in the US, who can provide you these burn-in boards. However, very few among these are capable of manufacturing high-quality boards, which are suitable for burn-in processes. Sierra Assembly is one the most preferred and reliable names, when it comes to manufacturing quality burn-in printed circuit boards.

Materials Used for Burn-in Boards

High grade materials are used for manufacturing the burn-in boards. The grade of the material used depends on the temperature at which the burn-in test is going to be carried out. The following are some most commonly used materials, and the temperatures, for which they are suitable:
  • If the burn-in test is going to be carried out at temperatures up to 125 ° C, then we have high Tg FR4 boards for you.
  • We recommend polyimide boards to be used, if temperatures as high as 250 °C are to be reached during testing.
  • Lastly, if the temperatures are expected to cross the 300 °C mark, then it is advisable to use high grade polyimide material boards.

Burn-in Printed Circuit Board Capabilities

We, at Sierra Assembly, can provide you burn-in boards, which following capabilities:
Number of Layers 1-16 layers
Board Material Polyimide
High Tg FR4
High Grade Polyimide
Nelco 4000-13
Minimum Hole Size 0.006''
Tolerance (PTH) +/-0.001 inches
Tolerance (NPTH) +/-0.001 inches
Hole Aspect Ratio 12:1
Board Size 12''x24'' and smaller
19'' x 23''
23" x 27"
Board Thickness 0.062'' - 0.125''
Minimum SMD Pitch 0.006"/0.006"
Minimum Trace/Space 0.004"
Solder Mask Min. Lay Down: 0.002 inches
Min Clearance: 0.002 /side
Controlled Impedance Tolerance +/- 10%
Final Finish Tin-Nickel
Hard Gold

Applications of Burn-in Boards

These specially designed boards are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, owing to the beneficial features they offer. The following are some applications, which use these burn-in boards on a large scale:
  • PTC power cycling
  • WLCSP wafer level testing
  • LTOL low temperature testing
  • HAST Humidity and Pressure testing
  • Applications requiring high voltages up to 10 kV

Sierra Assembly has been around for quite a while, and thus has several years of experience in manufacturing burn-in boards, and various different types of printed circuit boards. You’ll be needing these boards, if you want to test your components at high temperatures. So, get in touch with us today, and allow us to help you design the burn-in printed circuit boards that match your exact requirements.

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