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Conformal Coating

Sierra Assembly’s Custom Conformal Coating Services

A conformal coating is a protective polymer or chemical coating applied to an electronic assembly to protect it from harsh environmental conditions. Some of these environmental conditions may include salt sprays, moisture, dust, and corrosion. Non-conductive dielectric coatings increase Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) of the circuit. Sierra Assembly provides custom conformal coating services for a wide range of electronic components.

Sierra Assembly’s Conformal Coating Services

At Sierra Assembly, we understand that a conformal coating should be compatible with the PCB design. Thus, we provide customized coating services to ensure that the coating meets your specific assembly requirements. Our engineering, quality control, and production teams work closely with customers to create unique coating solutions for their requirements. Our customers can expect:
  • Full Range of Coatings: We provide a full range of coating services with popular coating chemicals - parylene, acrylic resin, epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone.
  • Full Range of Application Process: We provide a full range of application process such as batch spraying, vapor deposition, robotic coating, brushing, and dipping.
  • Curing and Drying: We provide convection, ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) curing facilities. The choice of curing and drying method depends on the type of coating and chosen application processes.
  • Quality Control Processes: As a part of quality control, we provide services such as contamination and cleaning testing, viscosity monitoring, thickness and adhesive measurement, humidity inspection, and black light inspection of the circuit.
We can meet medium, low, or high volume capacity conformal coating requirements.

Advantages of Conformal Coating Services

Following are the few benefits of conformal coating services.
  • High SIR reduces the risk of problems such as electricity leakage, shorting, and signal losses.
  • Helps eliminate costs of complex enclosures.
  • Eliminates chances of performance degradation due to environmental factors
  • Reduces the circuit board’s weight
  • Reduces conductor spacing over 80%
  • Minimizes assembly costs
  • Cost-effective, and improves the product’s service life
We constantly strive to ensure that our conformal coating services improve the overall quality of circuit board assemblies. With a vast industrial experience, knowledge of advanced conformal coating techniques, and a team of well-known electronic experts, Sierra Assembly is your true conformal coating partner. If you would like to know more about conformal coating services provided by us, please contact us on our toll-free 909.355.5400, or email us at to know more.

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I approached Sierra after being referred to them from another PCB designer. What impressed me was that they were more than willing to take a complex PCB requirement. The PCB assembly they provided was small, lightweight, but provided the amount of power needed for our computer product. Great experience.

- Susan R – Business Computer Industry

I liked Sierra’s quick turn PCB assembly services. They provided a prototype within a few days, and it worked without a hitch. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the PCB. Their prices are great too.

- Jason G. – Telecom Industry

Sierra Assembly Technology has a great group of people to work with. They are open to almost any request and always get the job done quickly. I’ve been in some tight spots before and needed certain products within a small time window, and Sierra has always been reliable.”

- Richard S. – LED Lighting Manufacturer

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